Marais & Smith Chartered Accountants

Marais & Smith Chartered Accountants

Welcome to the website of Marais & Smith, registered Chartered Accountants based in East London, South Africa.

The firm of Marais and Smith Chartered Accountants was formed as a direct result of the withdrawal of the assurance division (audit and accounting) of Deloitte from East London. We, having identified the need to continue to service the existing client base of Deloitte, approached the Executive Board of Deloitte with the intention of purchasing the East London Practice office. On 1 June 2005, we opened the East London practice office of Marais and Smith Chartered Accountants.

Effective from 1 October 2017, we have appointed two new partners into the firm, namely Rebekah Conway and Jennifer Opie.

All Partners are Chartered Accountants and have many years of experience in the delivery of professional audit, accounting, taxation, financial advisory, and consulting services to all spheres of business in the Eastern Cape.


Our team consists of quality individuals who have been selected by our partners. We have approximately thirty staff members specializing in various aspects of our service delivery. We ensure that our team provides services of the highest quality.


We are always searching for talented new staff. If you are interested in working for Marais & Smith, send your CV and detailed academic record to the address on our contact us page.

Should you wish to apply for your SAICA training contract, please complete the application on the trainees page.


Marais & Smith is a partnership of three partners who are jointly and severally liable for the partnership. Partners are effectively the shareholders in the business and consequently the ownership/equity component of the employment equity scorecard. Rebekah Conway is designated as African Black, female and youth in terms of the BBBEE requirements.

For more information regarding our staff compliment please navigate to our staffing page.

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